*Disclaimer: Ex-O-Pest does not carry out free inspections outside of Kingston & St Andrew.

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Our Range of Services

We service over 2,000 corporate and residential customers island wide

Free Inspection

Why Choose Ex-O-Pest?

Exopest 3 decades of service
Decades of Experience - Ex-O-Pest Limited was founded in 1979 and since that time, we have been providing the Jamaican public with safe, effective and affordable integrated pest management services. We service over 2,000, corporate and residential customers island wide.
Exopest Environmentally Friendly Solutions
Eco-Friendly Pest Control - We strive to maintain industry standards by observing strict safety and environmental measures, in keeping with the mandates of the regulatory body, The Pesticides Control Authority (Ministry of Health). Ex-O-Pest is certified and registered with the Pesticides Control Authority (PCA), the regulatory body of the pest control industry.
Exopest Trained and Certified
Trained and Certified - Our teams of service technicians are well trained and are provided with the very latest in state-of-the art equipment. This enables them to maintain maximum control levels of all pests while minimizing the inconvenience to our customers.Each year, a member of our technical team attends an International Exposition to keep abreast of changes and improvements. These are then assessed for their relevance and where deemed necessary, are implemented locally.
Exopest Detailed Service Reports
Detailed Service Reports - Following each initial service, the customer is placed on an appropriate rotation schedule designed to suit their needs. Upon each visit, each location receives a detailed accurate Service Report along with a Health and Food Safety Report.
Rodent Management Termite Control

Clients We Keep Pest Free

Our clients include residential and commercial customers, no matter the size or scope we will get your surroundings pest free.

Joan Swire

Excellent service and turn-around time for complains is exceptional. Ex-O-Pest is definitely the recommended source of “go to pest control services” and has been serving us for over 20 years.

- Restaurants of Jamaica Limited

Noel Blair

“The service is excellent, the team is very responsive. Ex-O-Pest is extremely accommodating and handles emergency issues very well.”

- Goddard Catering Services Limited

Tara Vincent–Brown

“Ex-O-Pest has supported us over the years. They have excellent service, a professional team, they are timely and go beyond our expectations.”

- Prime Development Ltd

Jane Johnson

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General Pest Management

Ex-O-Pest Limited employs an integrated approach to pest management. Our service incorporates the use of bait gels, attractants and the select use of residual insecticides in order to ensure maximum control of all pest groups including cockroaches, termites, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, rodents (rats & mice etc.), fleas, weevils and other stored pests.

The removal of all visible gel is done on a quarterly basis, at no additional cost to the client. Fumigations are carried out to food preparation and storage areas on an a bi-annual basis to penetrate cracks and crevices where other methods of control are unable to reach.

Exterior Treatment: For greater exterior control residual pesticides are applied around the entire perimeter of the facility, residence or office building including all dumpsters and trash receptacles.

Dining Area Treatments: The dining area is considered a low intensity area. Bait applications are applied to key areas (e.g. service stations and beverage areas) which results in effective pest management. Gel and residual applications are carried out on table and chair bottoms as well as along the perimeter of interior walls.

Kitchen and Wash Areas: These are considered high intensity areas. Bait applications are applied at 1 sq.: yd. intervals to ensure excellent results with reduced application time. Applications will be supported by pheromone traps and limited residuals on perimeter areas.

Non-Food Storage Areas, Offices: Low intensity areas like storage units and offices are serviced with residuals as the primary application with support from targeted bait treatments.

Rodent Management

Exterior baiting: Rodent blocks are placed along outside perimeter walls, garbage areas and in burrows where they exist. In high risk locations, Ex-O-Pest Limited will install tamper-resistant bait stations (see fig. A.) to be used on the exterior perimeter. These are checked, set and re- baited during each scheduled visit.

Interior baiting: Rodent pellets, glue boards and snap traps are used on the interior of buildings, in strategic low risk areas. The use of mouse stations is examined and installed where they are deemed necessary.

Termite Management

Inspections within the corporate area are done by highly qualified personnel at no cost to the client (inspections outside of corporate area and Portmore will attract a fee) Methods of Control include: Foundation Treatment involves the treatment of buildings under construction where termiticide is applied to the soil. Drilling Where termite activity is observed though basement floor, it is necessary to drill the floor and introduce termiticide into the soil underneath.

Pre-Treatment for Termites

Termite baiting is a below-ground baiting system where stations are installed every 10 to 20 feet around the perimeter of the building, 2 feet away from the foundation. This baiting system takes advantage of the foraging nature of termites. Termites feed on the bait and infect the rest of the colony, which will result in a reduction of the number of termites and eventual elimination of the termite colony. Our clients are given a five (5) year guarantee on the complete treatment of subterranean termites.


Fogging is a reliable method to reduce the population of insects using a fine pesticide aerosol. We use chemicals that have been tested and proven safe for use in highly populated areas. Typically fogging is used to target mosquito populations and has a higher efficacy rate with repeated treatments.

Free Inspection

Reduce the Risk of Infestation

  • Repair leaking faucets.
  • Cover drains with fine mesh screen
  • Rinse sponges or dish rags in ammonia solution before storing overnight or store in a Ziploc bag.
  • Always clean and dry dishes, pots and pans immediately after use.
  • Remove pet dishes overnight.
  • Keep all food items in sealed containers
  • Transfer garbage to an outdoor sealed container daily.
  • Clean all food preparation surfaces with cleaning solution after each use.
  • Remove grease buildup.
  • Clean stoves regularly (also clean under burners).
  • Remove all clutter
  • Repair all broken tiles.
  • Clean food spills
  • Do not leave food out overnight (including dog and bird feeders).
  • Repair damaged garbage containers
  • Ensure garbage containers are covered and mounted on paved or concrete surface.
  • Caulk and seal doors to ensure tight fit
  • Fit windows and screens tightly.
  • Repair breaks in foundation below ground level.
  • Keep grass mowed to about 2 ½ inches
  • Prune shrubs and other low plants
  • Seal cracks and holes in building foundations and exterior walls
  • Block openings around water and sewer pipes, electric lines, air vents and telephone wires
  • Remove woodpiles, all unnecessary building materials and any debris that may cause harborage
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